Programs & Events

Get On The Bus AZ has a simple, yet important mission: to make it possible for children to visit their parents in prison.

According to nationwide statistics, around 1.5 million children in the US have a parent in prison. In Arizona, over 41,000 men and women are incarcerated, and amongst them are mothers and fathers who do not get to visit with their children.

While visitation rights are a privilege granted by the criminal justice system, not all families have the means to use this right. Get On The Bus AZ facilitates the applications for visitation with the appropriate correctional facility for these two events with a follow up interview to ensure a beautiful day of re-engagement.

What We Do for Children with Incarcerated Parents

Get On The Bus AZ aims to fill the gap. Our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events enable children to visit their parents at no cost to the family.



Free transportation to and from a host site to the prison for facility-approved children and caregivers. GOTB AZ volunteers accompany families on the buses.


Meals & Snacks

We provide meals for the day (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner).


Kids Activity Bags

We offer fun activity bags to kids to use during the bus ride.


Get On The Bus T-Shirts

Each child and caregiver will be given a colorful GOTB AZ t-shirt on the day of the event.


How You Can Help

Donations and sponsorships help us make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children, parents, and families of those incarcerated.